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Different Types of Carpet Stains & Its Removal Remedy

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While purchasing carpets for all my rooms never did I know that it would give me Goosebumps for every time I walk over it, some kind of stain or mark keeps distracting me. After experimenting with different solutions, I came to the conclusion that the best remedy lies in hiring a carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne. Although, I often try out some domestic solutions, yet it is in no way closer to the professional cleanup. From maintaining the quality of fabrics to the smooth texture of carpets to colour protection to complete odour removal; I can firmly ascertain that effortless cleaning can only be delivered by industry experts. As you are also undergoing my situation, here’s a quick guide to all the probable carpet spots along with useful solutions.

  1. Shoe Dirt

You leave for work smartly wearing your shoes and walk over the carpet. Now, don’t be shocked to know that all the dirt and mud of your shoes stick to the fabric, which in turn reduces the essence of keeping carpets in your room. The moment I realised this, I immediately applied a carpet cleaning solution with the hope that my carpet will be as new as ever. Sadly, it didn’t work that well. The second option was booking a steam carpet cleaning service and it was marvellous. Firstly, they have proper mechanisms to treat shoe marks. Secondly, they do the work without disturbing the quality or fabrics of your carpet. Thirdly, they are easy on your pockets. Must say that the professional cleaners are highly credible, authentic and deserve a big round of clap.

  1. Food Stain

When human nature itself is very foodie, what can we do? With carpets spread around our house, we definitely want to sit on it and enjoy delicious snacks and meals. However, amidst such comfort, our poor carpets suffer due to unwanted food stains and marks. As you will also agree, it is always not possible to be extra cautious while moving our mouth. In such a situation, a quick solution would be to pour some non-bleaching detergent or a cleaning agent and try to remove the mark as much as possible. Mark my words, try as much as you can but you won’t be able to make it perfectly spotless unless you call for the best carpet steam cleaning service. With their best-in-class equipment and customised technology for treating specialised good marks, you shall get rid of unwanted food marks and eat worriless on your carpets.

  1. Liquid Blots

Coffee in the weekdays, pure Red wine in the weekends and Scotch during occasions was more than enough to develop blemishes on my living room carpet. With a frown on my forehead, I took my chlorine bleach (something I used for other household chores) and mixed 1unit of it with 5units of water. Resultantly, I grew more anxious as I failed to get the desired effect. The immediate option was to request a service of professional steam carpet cleaningand it was a wonderful experience. To my utter astonishment, they not only removed those stains but also changed the entire look of my carpet. Now, I feel as if I have purchased it yesterday. To me, the best part of the service was the quality of carpet shampooing service and comprehensive cleanup, which gave an extra wide smile in my face. In fact, it works wonders for all kinds of liquids. So, in case of any liquid markbe it of a juice or blood, try out the professional carpet cleaningfacility and witness the results yourself.

  1. Pet Marks & Urine

As a pet lover, I love the scenery of pets running over my house including the wide carpet area. While pets can be a boon, their body marks along with the urine stain and don’t you forget the stinking odour can be a bane. To come out of such curses, you can always take a towel and absorb the urine as much as possible. If it’s too late, you can apply mild non-bleaching detergent with water. I know it involves of hassle so as a better solution, the carpet cleaning services are always ready to be at your doorstep. Ring up your phone, get in touch with them and remove all urine and pet-related stains flawlessly. Spend a pocket-friendly amount and get overwhelmed with fine cleaning and odour removal from your marvellous carpets.

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