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Mongkok district of Hong Kong has turned into the new attraction

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In the last few years, Hong Kong has undergone a massive amount of change in terms of infrastructure and different facilities available. So, if you have been wondering about or planning your stay in the Mongkok district of Hong Kong or somewhere nearby then here are a few facts that you might find interesting. The Mongkok district is undoubtedly one of the most developed ones at the moment so it is very easy to find everything near you. Starting from service apartments to hotels and supermarket and even a multi specialty hospital, everything is present nearby making life easier for you.

Easy availability of service apartments around Mongkok

You can book long term service apartments or even for a few days in Mongkok. Just search for service apartment Mongkok and you will have a number of options ahead of you. If you are looking for an apartment with some specific facilities like flexible check-ins or may be pet-friendly or any other specific requirement then you can get that in the website of the service apartment that you are looking at. When you visit the site of your desired apartment all the provided entities are clearly mentioned in their website.

Nearby markets in the Mongkok district

Since the district as a whole is quite developed you can find a nearby market very easily irrespective of the part you are living in or visiting. So, finding a supermarket around Mongkok is not a difficult task. These markets sell items at some very reasonable prices which makes living quite affordable.


Multispecialty hospitals in the Mongkok region

The district has all medical facilities and the Hong Kong Cytogenetics and Medical Genetics center limited is a great option. It is one of the most popular destinations around the region and has been pretty popular among the people. In fact, many come here from different parts of Asia with critical cardiovascular problems to get cured. To know about this hospital, you can check out this link http://www.hkcmgc.com/cardiovascular.html.

Markets are the best part of Mongkok

Mongkok has the most popular markets in the world where a lot of different articles from all around the globe are available. You can find a wide range item in these markets starting from women apparel to sneaker and sports shoes of all different varieties and there are stalls of Chinese food and a lot of other tea houses and other eateries which includes famous restaurant chains like Burger King and others. The weirdest thing about these markets is that there are fortune tellers in the most curious places of the market adding on to the overall vibe of the place at that hour of the night.

Overall if you are planning to be around Mongkok in Hong Kong then go ahead and enjoy your time as this is one of the most popular tourist wonders and attractions of Hong Kong and is bound to impress you with the overall facilities available.

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