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Proven Ways to Choose the Right Furniture for a Spacious Bartley Vue Unit

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Can’t choose between buying a king-sized bed vs. a queen-sized bed? How about carpets and patterns to match the design of your interior? We’ve carefully selected proven ways to make your Bartley Vue condo unit much more spacious through careful furniture selection.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Attach a big mirror on the wall to make a spacious illusion. Mirror on the wall brings the eye up and reflects light over the room. Place a mirror opposite the windows or door frames so you could view other rooms or the outdoors with its reflection.

In picking the right furniture for your Bartley Vue unit, size matters! Small stuff usually seems like clutter and makes the room appear smaller. The size of the mirror should be the same as the sofa to establish elegant symmetry.

Want to go full-scale? Wall-to-wall frameless mirrors would grant a grander feel to a tiny apartment and make your home seem much more extensive.

Let It Be Transparent and Floating

Want to get a few more inches of floor space? Hang your television on the wall! The effect of floating furniture turns your house clutter-free. It also creates a wider area, plus cleaning underneath is easy-peasy.

Place clear accent pieces such as glass-topped dining tables or Lucite chairs to develop the impression that an area is bigger than its real square footage.

Prefer a coffee table as the main attraction in your living area? Not an issue; get one with a clear top for a free space illusion.

Stripes is an Exemption

Different patterns make a room appear smaller, but there’s one exception: stripes. Stripes create a larger space impression, so if you’re arranging a tiny room, choose striped rugs or striped curtains to use visual space at its maximum.

3-Colors Rule

Organizing your home ornaments, colors of furniture, and wall paint deceives the eye to appear spacious; the room will look connected with less contrast.

However, picking only two tones, shades of color in a room can make it seem not fully dimensional and flat. Another color takes the space to a new place that looks fuller. How to accomplish this? Choose a white, saturated, and neutral shade. White for items that are immovable, like closets. A neutral tone for walls that adjoin rooms or open-color areas. Finally, choose a saturated color, which will be your primary color.

L-Shaped Sofa

An important rule is to prevent putting two sofas in front of each other as it elicits a claustrophobic effect.

When deciding on the sofa shape, L means lovely! An L-shaped sofa adds more seating and provides space for dividers too. This already separates the dining and living areas.

Other perks of an L-shaped sofa are giving off an elegant and urban look. It has additional features to grant stylish design, and it’s customizable to suit your desires.

The More Seating Alternatives, the Merrier

Having a lot of seating options is fundamental to having an area in which all feel comfy in your home. Small furniture looks inadequate, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you must fill the space to the extent where it turns into a difficulty when heading to other rooms.

Select seating options that are not “matchy-matchy” to the L-shaped sofa you have- you can experiment with different styles of interior design themes.

Perfectly Sized Movable Furniture

You must measure your room and don’t just depend on approximation. For example, your bed or sofa should not be too small nor too big but must fit a room perfectly. A small bed, for instance, creates a smaller bedroom appearance, while a king-sized bed makes it seem like you have a luxurious space.

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