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When it is good to plan or a solar panel system?

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Year after year your electricity bill goes up in the air. You wonder how you can change that. In principle you have two options, continue as before or change to solar. You want more independence from rising energy prices, make lasting savings on your monthly energy costs and make a contribution to the energy transition by the way? Then you should ask yourself if a solar system is worthwhile for you. Most widespread solar installation in Forks is installed on the roof or on the facade. They can be mounted on their own roof or on specially rented buildings. The system also includes an inverter that converts the generated direct current into usable alternating current, an installation device for installing the modules, and various solar cables that connect the system to your home’s electrical network.

How about the mini solar system?

If you do not have your own house you can buy a mini-solar power system. This is a smaller and simpler version of the large solar systems. Because you can theoretically just put it under your arm it is often referred to as a portable solar system. It can be used in many places like on the balcony, in the garden, on the terrace or even on the facade. As a rule a mini solar system consists of one to two solar modules that you can flexibly combine with each other. The inverter for the power conversion is usually integrated into the solar modules and acts as a connection to the power grid of your home.

Framework conditions for a photo voltaic system

The only real prerequisite for a solar system is sunlight. If enough light comes in then it is possible to install a photovoltaic system on almost all roofs. Even though one may hardly believe it in view of the partly quite rainy summer of the past few years the solar radiation is considered high enough in all regions to operate solar energy plants economically. Till the Sun is shining it can come to the shading of the plant. This means that trees, neighboring houses, chimneys or other roof and fa├žade structures cast shadows on the photovoltaic system which means that it can no longer work optimally.

Conclusion: Requirements

No matter whether your house has a pitched roof or flat roof, whether it is covered with roof tiles or thatch, a photovoltaic system can be installed on almost all types of roofs. Exceptions are slate roofs, corrugated sheets, roofing felt or concrete bricks. Always take into account the statics of the building or roof. It may be necessary to take additional structural measures so that the system is really securely anchored to the roof. If the solar modules are installed parallel to a pitched roof then this is usually not necessary.

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