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10 Tips for Spring Cleaning

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With the change of season, the long days arrive the dreaded allergies and the cleanliness of our homes. Spring is the perfect occasion to update the house after winter. It is the time of the year in which the house breathes and prepares to receive hot days.

With good organization and applying the ideas we propose, the result will be obvious and the effort will have been worth it. Do you want to know how to start? Keep reading:

  1. Cleaning Planning

You have everything you need? Keep in mind on which days you will carry it out, with what help you will have and what cleaning utensils and products you will need.

You have to plan the task by zones, since it is always better to start with those that are not cleaned daily, because it is where more dust accumulates and they will need much more a good review.

  1. Ventilate your Home

Choose the most suitable day for it, warm and windless, since before you start cleaning the house thoroughly, you have to ventilate. How? Opening the windows wide, and allowing light to enter, and the air in all rooms to be completely renewed. As far as possible, it causes cross-ventilation by opening the windows at the ends of the house, so that the air circulates without obstacles and cleans the atmosphere.

In the case of having balconies, terrace or garden, there is to remove the accumulated dirt so that it does not strain at home, and be ready to welcome the good weather.

Spring Cleaning

  1. “Eco” Products

Do not miss such natural, simple and homemade products such as lemon, vinegar, salt, neutral soap or bicarbonate: They do not contaminate and are the most effective for cleaning. When you have to resort to stronger cleaners with chemical components, always use them according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

  1. Thoroughly Clean Each Room

In the bedrooms, the mattresses are removed to properly vacuum the sofa or bed base. Lake Macquarie Skips advises you to turn it over so that the mattress can “breathe”. Wash the mattress cover and pillows to make everything clean.

If you are going to change the closet, take out all the clothes, vacuum and pass a damp cloth inside. Once dry, place the spring clothes and perfume the closet with natural aromas of lavender, juniper or holy stick.

To thoroughly clean the living room, you have to vacuum the base, the back and the cushions of the sofa and armchairs, without forgetting the upholstery of the chairs. If the upholstery had stains, we will try to remove them with ammonia dissolved in water. In the same way, we cannot forget, clean carpets, remove them and keep them properly wrapped, so that dust does not accumulate in them.

In the kitchen, cabinets inside and outside are thoroughly cleaned, as well as the extractor hood and tiles since the fat accumulates in both places. Finally, in the bathroom, you should check the inside of the cabinets, clean the tiles and ceilings. Although we don’t believe it, we can also find dirt here.

  1. Cleaning of Ceilings, Walls, and Windows

It is time to remove that dust or cobwebs that have been appearing in the corners. It can be done comfortably with a vacuum cleaner, a duster or with a sweeping brush covered with a cloth. Without forgetting to thoroughly clean corners and baseboards where dirt has accumulated day by day during the winter.

To clean the windows, it is best to prepare a bowl with soapy water and review frames and crystals, then drying with special glass cloths.

Do not forget the lamps, bulbs, etc., for this, just pass them a duster and a damp cloth. If the lamps are made of glass, they can be cleaned with moistened cotton gloves, so that you take crystal by the glass with your fingers.

After hard work, you already have your house clean and ready to enjoy spring. Remember that in Lake Macquarie Skips, we are willing to help you whenever you need it.

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