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5 Important Tips to Improve Storage in Your Tiny Home

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There are a number of options for tiny home enthusiasts to live the tiny lifestyle of their dreams. However, home storage is an important consideration as more people are choosing to move from larger homes to container homes and other tiny homes. When designing for living in a small space, creativity needs to meet the challenge of having a sufficient amount of home storage.

Get more ideas with these 5 tips on home storage for tiny homes.

Get Clear

Before construction begins on a container home, future container homeowners should let designers know about any outstanding storage needs and priorities they may have. As there may be restrictions applied to a shipping container home and installation rules in a specific area, you need to share your storage needs and how you plan to use your container home during initial discussions. You may plan to use your new home as a getaway or for full-time living. Storage for workshops, a home office or a playroom may need to be taken into consideration. The needs of your lifestyle should be taken into consideration in order to make full use of your new container home. Open and early communications make it easier for a designer to customize a container home and incorporate storage options throughout the tiny home.

Pair Down to Essentials

Some experts suggest that homeowners consider their wants versus needs as it applies to storage requirements. List possessions in three categories: essentials, non-essentials and shared possessions. After that a minimum quantity can be assigned to keep the essentials and design storage around those items.

See Possibility in Everyday Items

Tiny home lovers enjoy the challenge of finding and customizing furniture to meet their storage needs. Storage options can be created under beds and within movable coffee tables/step stools, as well as by using shelves and closets. Homeowners often invest in multiple use furniture, such as sofa boxes that are also storage containers. Buying tables and beds with storage underneath is a great space saver. Think of using your every day items, like bikes, as detachable wall decorations.

Take a look at popular shows about the tiny living lifestyle to get a glimpse of the many creative possibilities for storing clothes, tools, toiletry and more.

Create Storage to Support Your Lifestyle

Brenda Kelly lives in a 19-foot container. In order to get around permit regulations, she incorporated intelligent space-saving design throughout her home that is under 10 square meters. 6 feet of her container home were used toward an area to store necessary utilities for her off-grid lifestyle, including a pump and batteries, and an outdoor porch. As can be seen from pictures, stairs and the foot of the bed provide additional storage. The tiny lifestyle is a growing trend, and learning how regulations work can help facilitate more creativity

Look Up to Store More

Take a look around you and consider how best to use the space within a container home. Storage possibilities can continue above heads in a tiny home. Don’t underestimate the power of vertical space. Cabinets and shelves high up toward the ceiling can be just what a tiny homeowner needs for that last bit of storage.

Current and future tiny home owners of container homes can come up with a host of creative ways to store necessities that are functional and add beautify to neglected areas within a home.

Creative Storage Solutions from Your Tiny Living Experts

Custom Container Living, LLC. provides custom container homes to meet your preferences and specifications. Specialists identify and tailor storage solutions within a container home design, providing clients with creative and high-quality storage options for their tiny home. Going small has never been so easy.

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