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Aireloom Mattress: What You Should Know

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Everyone in this world loves to get a good night sleep and to get that, the need for a comfortable bed is high. That’s why almost 4 out of 5 people will only buy comfortable mattresses that will help them get a better slumber a night or when taking a nap. However, since there are a lot of options in stores at present, consumers are a bit confused and most of them doubtful on what to buy.

An Aireloom mattress has been in the market for so long and it has never failed their buyers. The variety of mattresses that this company has created made them the go-to mattress providers for those who are on-the-go when choosing the best bed. Here is why:

Handcrafted by known Aireloom craftsman.

Once the Aireloom mattress hits started hitting the market, the company can only produce 8 mattresses a day. They work delicately to focus on one mattress. They handsewn edges, hand-laced the pulls and install chambers for springs. These are one among the many mechanisms that create one single mattress. Their aim is to ensure that Aireloom mattress coordinates well with your body movement. Only

Aireloom mattress’ quality is superb.

The mattresses are made with quality materials and manhandled by the manufacturers themselves. Unlike other mattresses, Aireloom mattress is made with a unique and definite mattress that keeps it cool and hygienic. The founder of the company, King Karpen, made sure to use layers of silk, cashmere, cotton, and wool. This makes a huge difference compared to other mattresses; people are naming this mattress the bed of Kings, no pun intended. The Aireloom mattress itself is created to bring abundant luxury, not just false hopes.

Aireloom mattress

Aireloom mattress comes with 5 layers of support.

Since Aireloom mattress had 5 layers – you know that it’s made for your comfort. 5 layers which are made to bring complete support to you whenever you’re sleeping. The 5th layer is the first and the essential foundation to the mattress which provides a bouncy feel to the body from its pocketed coils.

The 4th layer serves as the fitting edge of your body. This layer provides a mold to ensure that your body structure is in the perfect alignment by the time you sleep for hours and on the next day. Thus, you wouldn’t have to worry about bad sleeping posture. This layer is a memory foam which speaks volumes and serves its purpose.

The 3rd layer is made with cotton. This gives a cozy feel when you’re sleeping.

The 2nd and 1st layers are the main supports to ensure that there’s less motion when you’re moving around in your bed. But it keeps you at bay which means you won’t feel that you’re “sinking” between the mattress.


Aireloom mattress doesn’t only stop with building better beds or mattresses because it also comes with different styles, sizes, and designs. You might want to purchase a simple mattress or you want to go wild, trust that you’ll be satisfied with Aireloom mattress.

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