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Best Tips to Save Space in a Small Apartment

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When you live in a small area, your kitchen utensils and all of your accessories and small objects tend to take too much place. You can run out of storage spaces very quickly. Yet, it is possible to take advantage of the smallest square meters by installing a shelf around the door frame or turning partitions in storage spaces, for instance. There are a lot of other solutions to optimize space in a small apartment and here are some of them.

Choose Multi functional Furniture

In a small apartment or studio, the hardest thing to do is probably to facilitate the circulation at home. So,it is not recommended to accumulate unnecessary furniture inside the house! Instead, you can go for multi functional innovations like a wall cabinet. It can structure the living room or accommodate a library as well as a wardrobe. It all depends on your needs and preferences. Even in a small apartment, you can have some beautiful and comfortable rooms. And aside the practicality and the space-saving side, the design and the colors of the furniture matter.

Small Apartment

Store Things at a Height

When you do not have enough space on the floor and on the available furniture, the best solution is to use the walls and the high ceiling. Wall shelves are obviously a good alternative to furniture supported by legs but to multiply the storage areas, you can also choose suspended shelves. Hanging from the ceiling, they bring rhythm to the decor and provides light atmosphere at the same time. This option is particularly adapted to the apartments with a large ceiling height.And before installing the furniture, pack all the bibelots and the fragile objects that you do not need anymore in a polyethylene bubble insulation and store them in the attic. That will make you save even more spaces.

Use the Space under the Stairs

This classic solution remains effective: take advantage of the space under the staircase to optimize the space in your apartment. Shelves, a closet or even drawers, it’s up to you to choose the storage that suits best your lifestyle. Because the space under the stairs should not become a catch-all, organize storage according to the frequency of use of each object.In terms of decoration, we advise you to harmonize the staircase and its base by using the same material.

Create Storage under the Bed

When the sleeping area is in mezzanine or measures less than 9m2, it is better not to install a wardrobe or a dressing room. You can invest in a bed with functional storage.This type of bed with integrated drawers are not only for children and it allows you to have a new and discreet space.

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