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Carpet Cleaning In 10 Easy Steps

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Carpets can be used for a variety of purposes. They sometimes provide the necessary aesthetics or could be needed to provide a smoother and warmer surface for walking. Regardless, they are tough to clean as they retain a lot of dirt and are prone to stains. To remove stains and keep the carpet clean becomes necessary else it retains a foul order and interferes with the room’s decor. With 10 easy steps, the carpet can be rejuvenated to make it look new.

How to Make the Carpet Shine?

Be it an old heirloom, woollen or any other type of carpet, it can be restored to its original look through Carpet Cleaning Aylesbury by AllClean Carpet Cleaning. The professionals have years of experience and perform the following:

  1. First and foremost, it is crucial to identify the material of the carpet. Different types of material are treated with different solutions for cleaning. This helps in avoiding loss of structure, colour, etc.
  2. The carpet is vacuumed to remove dust particles. Other than dirt, other pollutants such as dog hair, food crumbs, etc are also removed through this simple process.
  3. A solution is then sprayed onto the carpet. It is a chemical solution that helps in pulling out dirt and other contaminants that have adhered themselves to the carpet. It makes their removal easily.
  4. Tough spots are identified and treated accordingly. Though they seem impossible to be removed they are fairly reduced.
  5. The carpet is then steam cleaned to get rid of all the remaining dirt and stains. It is the most effective amongst all the steps.
  6. The carpet is rinsed off of any chemicals to not destroy the fibres. Also, residue chemicals could itself leave a stain.
  7. It is then dried to ensure that customers get to use their rejuvenated carpet quickly.
  8. It is finally brushed again to help the fibre retain its integrity and design.
  9. The carpet is thoroughly inspected to ensure no stains or dirt is left behind. It is important to help achieve the task effectively and to uphold customers’ needs.
  10. The carpet is hung to let it dry completely before it is put to use again.

Contact the Carpet Cleaner Specialists

While you can use vinegar, baking soda, and other quick remedies for cleaning stains, nothing comes close to professional help. The expert cleaners make use of modern and specialized machines and equipment to perform the task with the utmost care and perfection.

The carpets look new and retain most of their original look. Through professional help, they are rejuvenated and their lifespan increases. They look and smell fresh and thus, keeping adding charm to the house. Contact the experts now for a complete makeover of your carpets.

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