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Designing a home study

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For those working from home or those looking for a dedicated space for homework or projects, a study is the obvious choice. When it comes to decorating such a space, it shouldn’t be too casual or relaxing as it’s a space for focus, little distraction and calm. This doesn’t mean that you can’t feature style as well as function, but this room requires a little more thought than some of the other rooms of the house that are primarily for relaxing. Here are some important points to factor in:

Design basics

Covering these things first will include all the essential elements required. Firstly, strike the right balance and consider the utility of your design. Will there be a need for lots of storage space, do you need a lot of room for moving around for project work or will the main focus be a desk and computer?

Now, style can be introduced. Whilst you’ll want to focus on utility and function, this is also a great room for injecting some individual style and character. Should it be warm, comfortable and inviting, the sort of place where you could snuggle up and read for hours? Or will it suit you better to be contemporary, urban and bright from inspiration? For sales and business deals, an opulent luxurious décor can be the ideal environment.

The layout

Where will the desk go and do you have enough power outlets for computers, monitors, printers and other devices? Some people find they work well when facing a window but others prefer no distraction and would rather face the door or a wall, for example. Position everything within easy reach so everything is to hand and try to focus on the layout so it gives a positive, creative and productive feel.

The size of the space and what you’ll be using it for will normally dictate the type of desk and chair arrangement chosen. Larger desks are great for spreading out and being creative, whereas a simple drawer less table will help to make the room feel organised and streamlined. Consider storage needs as if you need notes, paperwork or computer accessories conveniently to hand, it may be that a desk with drawers is the only option.

The seating chosen must be both practical and functional, ideally promoting good posture to maximise comfort. Will there be a requirement for additional seating for guests or clients, for example? A small sofa might be a good option if there is space available. Consider the Eames Chair from a site like www.pash-classics.com/eames-lounge-chair-and-ottoman.html

Finishing Touches

Lighting is important and the more natural light the better. It is possible to be clever with colours and textures that help to bounce light around the space. Dark corners or spaces without much natural light can be enhanced with smart lighting choices like targeted spotlights, task lighting and floor lamps can help to ensure that space is illuminated well while eyes are protected and the mind is able to stay focused and alert.

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