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Easy Storage Hacks for a Small Bathroom

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Limited storage area has always been an issue, especially in the bathroom. With changing times, our needs have also grown. There are so many different categories of things that we need in the bathroom apart from the regular toiletries. There is makeup, electronic appliances, towels and what not. If you have a small bathroom and are facing storage issues, we have put together some easy hacks for you to tackle this problem. Remodel your bathroom with some of these DIY ideas to enjoy more storage space.


New Bathroom Vanities

You need to install new bathroom vanity cabinets the next time you renovate your bathroom. This will simplify many issues without much hassle. Keep an eye out for the discount season or visit a wholesale cabinet store to choose the vanity that will suit your bathroom. If you can allocate a sizeable portion of one wall to the vanity cabinets, you will be left with some comfortable moving area. Think about the color of your bathroom and choose a complementary hue for the vanity. For instance, a neutral shade like cream or white will be well-matched by cherry wood cabinets or rich walnut cabinets. Getting new bathroom vanities will ensure that you spend money on only one item and there is not much DIY involved.

Use the Vertical Space

In a small bathroom with limited space, it is always wiser to use up the vertical space in there. If you keep many things lying around the width of the bathroom, you will be left with no moving space. Using up the vertical space is the best solution; assemble your bathroom vanity cabinets in a way that you can keep all your things in an organized manner.

There Is Space under the Sink

If you cannot afford to buy bathroom vanity at the moment and want to increase storage space, you can try out DIY storage under the sink. It is extremely easy to get messed up since you have to bend down each time to get something out. The only way to avoid the mess is by using proper containers for your toiletries. Keep your makeup items in one container and shampoos, face wash and other similar products in another container. You can make DIY shelves under the sink to keep the container if there is no cabinet.

Storage Ladder

You can also make a DIY ladder to keep miscellaneous things. The ladder can go up against a wall, taking minimal space but holding quite a few storage solutions. You can hang all the various towels there along with a basket which could contain the toilet papers. What is great about the ladder is that it does not protrude from the wall because it is so slim.

Miscellaneous Hacks

We have grouped together a few more hacks for your small bathroom to overcome limited storage space.

  • You must take advantage of the insides of the cabinet doors like flat irons, curling irons, brushes and blow dryers.
  • You can also use magnetic organizers as they will not take any space, you do not need a professional’s help and you can store many things in them.
  • If you do not have much counter space, try installing a ledge-style shelf under the mirror. It does not take much space and provides an extra surface for your stuff.
  • Getting an extra rod in the bathroom, apart from the one for hanging clothes, is a very clever idea. You can use the S-shaped hooks to hang small caddies with regularly used products, even loofahs.
  • To keep the towels, you can use the back of your door on hooks or keep them folded in a basket under the sink.

Do not think that having a small bathroom is the end of the world. You can always come up with unique ideas to increase storage space. We hope that these tips and tricks help you make room in the limited space of your bathroom.

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