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Essential Options for the Essential Plumbing Services

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Understanding which plumbing to choose for your home is always a very important step, but before you go to analyze the various types of material, it should be noted that a good water system, performed according to specific regulations for the hydraulic system required by law, is an essential element to make a home adequately welcoming and livable.

  • In fact, the function of a plumbing system is to supply and distribute drinking water inside the house, providing for the correct disposal of both clear and dark waters.
  • How to make a plumbing or which pipes to use are not answers that we can give ourselves, but it is necessary to contact professionals , who work with competent and qualified staff and that, at the end of the intervention, will issue a certificate of conformity of the works .
  • Before thinking about which plumbing to choose, it can certainly be useful to understand which types of material should preferably be used and which are their different characteristics.

There are PVC pipes created with advanced technology and equipped with special grafts; traditional elements always in PVC but characterized by an easier installation; polypropylene, copper or multilayer pipes.

Which ones to choose?

We also specify that, in general, as regards the construction of a hydraulic system, specific choices must be made taking into account not only their own preferences, but also their own spending budget. The perfect Plumber near me options are there as well for you.

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So let’s see the characteristics of the different materials

Hydraulic system with pipes produced in PVC and polypropylene: these pipes offer a high resistance to corrosion caused by chemical substances and abrasions and maintain excellent mechanical properties in the presence of temperatures up to 100 ° C. PVC and polypropylene are among the thermoplastic materials most used in the construction of pipelines as they are lightweight, resistant to chemical agents and abrasions, completely odorless and taste-free.

Hydraulic system with copper pipes: this material resists exceptions to impacts, and therefore lends itself to any kind of pipe. Copper pipes have a particularly high robustness, as over the years they tend not to deteriorate, and ensure the plants great reliability even after decades of their construction. Furthermore, copper can be repaired without major difficulties.

Hydraulic system with multilayer products pipes: these are cross-linked polyethylene pipes, very simple to lie; this material has a molecular structure treated with a particular chemical process that makes it more robust and more resistant to heat. It is also equipped with an intermediate layer of aluminum, useful for the good maintenance of the curvature of the pipe. With reference to the aspect concerning one’s own health, it should be remembered that copper has been used since ancient times both to create pipes and to obtain containers for food and beverages. This material guarantees a complete absence of toxic components, withstands superheating, is waterproof and does not hinder the reproduction of viruses and bacteria that may be present in water coming from old iron pipes.

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