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Features to look when buying the oven

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The kitchen is the heart of the home where you get amazing foods that makes you feel happy. An oven is an appliance where you turn on every day and so it is necessary to buy the right one. It can be overwhelming when thinking about the size, functions and style you need. Below is a simple guide that helps you to find the best table top oven Singapore that will suit your cooking needs and lifestyle.

Buying oven is not like buying groceries. You would not consider several factors while buying groceries items, you will just make a list go to the store and get your things. While buying you have considered various factors about your cooking needs, style and your budget. Buying a new oven is an expensive investment, so get the oven with the best design and features. The space and size of the kitchen play a big part while buying table top oven singapore, figure out what type of fits in your kitchen. There is a wide range of oven available at a different price depending on the features. Before spending money think whether the oven suits your kitchen and your specific needs.

Once you have decided what type of oven then it is time to look for features. Not all oven comes with the same functions, you have to pick the oven with features that are predominant to your cooking needs. Below are essential things to look for when buying a new oven.

Convection heating:

Nowadays, a convection heating oven is more popular and preferred by many people. It uses a fan to circulate the hot air around the oven. Unlike the traditional heating oven, convection saves your time and money on your electricity bill. It is possible to cook four items at one time without mixing the flavor because the heat is distributed in an even way.

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Glass doors:

It is recommended to buy the oven with glass doors. If you open your doors often, internal temperature drops and the heat might escape. So, glass doors are so helpful where you can see the baking of food without opening the doors of the oven. Also, you can clean the dirty glass without taking much effort.

Cleaning type:

Look for the oven which has the automatic cleaning type. Pyrolytic is one of the programmes that heats the oven around 450oC which burn off the grease completely. You can simply wipe away the ash.


Basic model doesn’t have time or else have simple functions which alert you when the time is up.The fully programmable timer helps you to cook for the specific time, then it turns off automatically.Even you can fix delayed start that cooks until closer to meal time.

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