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Here’s Why Many Aussie Boutique Home Owners are Crazy over Timber Furniture

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Choosing the right pieces of furniture for your boutique home’s outdoor space is both exciting and stressful. Just thinking about mixing and matching new outdoor furniture items could already bring butterflies in your stomach especially if you love home designing. However, deciding what type, size, and color of furniture you should get can be a stressful work.

There are many types of outdoor furniture available in Australia you can choose from. If you are looking for wooden furniture that is popular for its durability and longevity, and for being easy to maintain and repair and having sustainable materials, then outdoor timber furniture should be your perfect choice.

According to many boutique home builders, outdoor furniture items made out of timber may not be as elegant and durable as teak furniture, but they your best alternative, plus they are remarkably cheaper. Timber furniture pieces are also known for other advantages over their furniture wooden counterparts. If you are not very familiar with timber furniture and its salient characteristics, you may want to continue reading below.

Timber is durable – Contrary to popular belief, outdoor furniture pieces can become family heirloom because they can be durable just like any other durable furniture. Furniture made of solid timber can weather extreme weather conditions. With the help of proper care, cleaning, and maintenance, timber furniture items can last for decades. In order to maximize the durability of timber, it is important to store your timber furniture items in safe place during extreme weather conditions like heavy rain and snow.

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Timber lasts long – Timber furniture items are underrated when it comes to longevity. In reality, these furniture items could last longer than their wood furniture counterparts. By ensuring proper care and maintenance, timber furniture items are likely to last for several decades. It is important to regularly clean your timber furniture in order to prolong its life. Also, it is crucial to store them in dry space during rainy and winter season. Simply put, solid timber is a solid material, which makes these furniture pieces last longer than expected.

Timber is a beauty – Nobody can discount the fact that timber furniture pieces have great aesthetics. When timber is carved with so much artistry and passion, you can expect to have the perfect outdoor furniture. Since timber can be shaped and contoured in many ways, furniture manufacturers can play with its design and style. Hence, if you are looking to buy timber furniture, you can expect to have variety of choices style and design-wise.

Timber is easy to maintain – Unlike other wooden furniture pieces available in Australia, timber furniture is relatively easier to maintain and clean. Timber is a simple material so cleaning and taking care of it is likewise simple and easy. You can clean your timber furniture by simply using clean cloth to get rid of dust, dirt, and molds. Because of this, it is affordable and practical to have timber furniture than other more complicated pieces like teak wood. Furthermore, because timber is easy to maintain, they can likewise easily last long, even lasting for several decades.

Timber production is eco-friendly – When manufacturers produce timber outdoor furniture, they can outsource their materials from commercial plantations. These plantations were designed for commercial purposes, which is why manufacturers need not to get their materials from natural plantations. You can buy all the timber furniture pieces you want without feeling guilty since you are not participating in irresponsible and insensitive actions done against Mother Nature. Because of this, no innocent trees can be harmed, which in turn promote sustainability.

These essential characteristics of outdoor timber furniture items make them among the best choices for home outdoor designing. However, if you are planning to buy timber furniture, make sure to get the expert advice and opinion of boutique home builders as they would know which design and make will best fit your home.

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