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How to Clean Your Clothes

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Keeping your clothes clean is a part of your personal hygiene. Wearing dirty clothes not only damages your impression to others but shows that you have a very poor sense of hygiene. These days, wholesale cleaning products are available to help you solve your laundry problems.

Clothes tend to get dirty when they are exposed to dirt and dust outside. When you wear clothes, your body sweat and oils stick to your clothes and makes them dirty. If they are not cleaned, bacterial action makes them unfit to wear. So, apart from keeping yourself clean, you must keep your clothes clean. You also need to follow proper care instructions for different types of fabric materials.

Basic Process of Cleaning Cloth

  • Usually, hand cleaning or machines are used for cleaning purposes. The problem with machines is that you cannot wash one or two clothes at a time. You need a batch of clothes to run them through the machine.
  • If your fabric has stained by any chance, you need to use stain clearing agents to clear them. You need to soak them with those agents before washing them. For washing purposes, you can use wholesale cleaning products.
  • While hand cleaning clothes, you need water and detergent for basic cleaning. You must use good quality detergent and soft water to clean. Hard water and bad quality detergents can fade away the color of your fabrics. You can either soak the clothes in water mixed with detergent in a bucket for approx 15 minutes or individually wash them.
  • Soaking clothes ensures the loosening of dirt and grease. Afterwards, you can clean them off while gently rubbing the surface of the fabric.
  • For stubborn dirt deposited in collar and sleeves of your clothes, you can use a hand scrubber to gently clean away the dirt.
  • When you are done washing the clothes, you need to rinse them properly in water to wash away traces of detergent. You also need to make sure that there is no detergent left in your clothes, otherwise, it will react with your skin.
  • After washing, it is necessary to rinse them with a starching agent to maintain the color and softness of the fabric. You have to soak the fabric in starch solution for a few minutes and rinse it off.
  • After the washing process is complete, you need to wring them properly. Too much wringing damages the fabric. Clothes must be dried in shade to maintain their texture. You can also use machine dryer to dry your clothes.

Wearing fresh clean clothes shows that you are particular about your personal hygiene. To keep your skin healthy and free of any infections, you need to ensure proper cleaning of your clothes.

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