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How to Convince the Home Owner for San Diego Short Sale

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You have found an amazing great property you want to invest in, owner is quite motivated because he’s in some financial trouble and ready to make a deal. This sounds like a perfect situation, however what if your seller is stuck at a particular price, which you know is very high for market, as this is what he actually owes on a house?

That is when you have to come across with the knowledge about the San Diego short sale experts, and will clearly explain why the short sale can be for his benefit. Most of the home owners, who are trying to sell off their property, because they’re behind payments, or any other financial distress, probably have never heard of the short sale. You can explain to the homeowner that they have an option, which you can provide him this much amount of money, but his bank can take an offer to relieve his debt, in case he applies for the short sale.

Questions to Ask

Obviously this is where questions will begin. How can I request for the short sale and why will my mortgage firm agree to it? How does it help me? Why must I sell to you in such a low rate?

San Diego short sale

First question will be slightly a bit different for very mortgage company and bank, but the best advice will be asking him to call lender and request for the short sale package from the loan mitigation department. Suppose he is uncomfortable to do this, you can sit with him on a phone call, to ensure he asks right thing.

Give Proper Explanation

You can explain your homeowner that in such financial times, many mortgage companies are quite overwhelmed with the foreclosure property they will not sell fast, and they are keen to work with home owner that will keep the house out of foreclosure that saves them from cost of all the paperwork and legal fees involved in the foreclosure. Ensure your home owner know this isn’t the guarantee that they can agree, but can be his right option, or his lenders right choice option. You can offer to help him with any kind of paperwork; probably he will be relieved for some help.

Home owner has to know that by agreeing for the San Diego short sale, he will be in benefit, and he will get free from any burden of mortgage payments, and do not need to endure any foreclosure process. First thing you need to understand is why he will sell you for a low price? That’s all the home is worth in the market currently. If he is not convinced, you might have to get the broker’s opinion on price to share with him, and show him the prices of current sales in the same neighborhood.

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