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Importance of Using Lifting and Handling Equipment

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While lifting any type of heavy materials or equipment, it’s essential to use the right lifting and handling equipment. That is not only a much more productive way of working, but it also prevents the risk of injury. It also ensures that you fully comply with the industrial regulations.

Here, we look at the importance of using lifting and handling equipment at the workplace. If you’re looking for lifting and handling equipment for your business or home use, please visit Marshall Industrial Supplies.

  1. Efficiency and Better Productivity

Some may view lifting and handling equipment as a drain on resources or extra inconvenience. However, it’s an integral part of any business environment. Whether it’s for daily use, or simply for an occasional delivery, lifting and handling equipment can greatly enhance efficiency. That will allow for fewer employees to transport bigger loads in a faster amount of time. They will then reach the destinations sooner reducing risk of damage.

Moreover, using fewer workers to transport your goods or materials frees up time for focusing on other critical areas. It will also save on labour costs in the long run.

  1. Reduce Risk of Injury

Using the right lifting and handling equipment can help to prevent the risk of injury to employees. When employees get injured on the job, they may be unable to work, which can greatly decrease workplace efficiency. Injuries are primarily caused by overexertion during lifting, holding, carrying, pushing, pulling, holding, or turning heavy objects. They can also result from repetitive grasping, planning and relocating objects from one place to another.

The direct cost of employee injuries in the workplace includes medical fees, compensation premiums and case management. Additionally, the injuries indirectly cost the business overtime pay, penalties, lawyer fees, damage to facility elements, and managerial costs.

Marshall Industrial Supplies

  1. Compliance with Industrial Regulations

Every employer has a duty to ensure the health, safety and welfare of his or her employees at the workplace. That naturally covers injury risks because of lack of, or insufficient lifting and handling equipment. And failing to comply with the rules may lead to a lawsuit. The industrial regulations aim to keep the workplace safe.

  1. Better Customer Service

Make your customers happy by completing orders quicker, decreasing mistakes, and enhancing shipping with the proper lifting and handling equipment. You can even take on new clients, because the improved productivity lets you fulfil more orders.

  1. Decreasing the Manual Load

Without a doubt, shifting loads against the gravitational pull isn’t child’s play. The task can also be extremely strenuous and hard, especially when the object exceeds a certain weight limit. Using hoisting equipment relieves employees from strains and also decreases the manual labour invested in lifting loads. It makes the workplace free of fatigue and saves plenty of manpower and manual labour.

  1. Ease of Using at Any Time and Any Place

Lifting and handling equipment can be easily used in almost any type of environment. They can be used effectively inside a warehouse or at a more outdoor venue. The range of equipment offers the allowance of utilizing them at a wide variety of locations.

Improve the safety, efficiency and productivity of your workplace with the right lifting and handling equipment. Check out Marshall Industrial Supplies for all your equipment needs.

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