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Meet Withthe Koh Brothers Developers of Van Holland

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Van Holland is the new one freehold development located right in the heart of Holland village by Koh Brothers. Toho mansion Enbloc was former of the development of van Holland that was successfully sold to Koh brothers. Now Van Holland Koh Brothers site on the prime piece of freehold land that has contained the full size of 47,660 sqft. The total size of the van Holland has 73,396 sqft that offers the various benefits of new master plans. It introduces the new concept of seamless and integration for the whole Holland village area which consists all of the values like amenities. You can experience the unique living experience right in the heart of Holland village at Van Holland freehold condo. There are many characteristics of Koh brothers:

  • Real estate Developer: Everyone knows about the fantastic place of Holland village in Singapore. Koh Brothers is a real estate developer in Singapore that is top listed on the Singapore exchange. The company is recognized as a reputable company when featuring real estate developments in Singapore. With their vast experience, Koh Brothers now spread their roots on other ten countries with notable projects.

Van Holland Koh Brothers

  • They are recognized and award-winning: With great experience, they provide exceptional services in the construction areas. With a clear vision, they help the right values of the construction industry and ensure the best basic needs of housing. Koh Brothers have steadily grown to win significant awards and recognition.
  • Major developments by Koh brothers: Koh Brothers are now holding the A1 grading by BCA. It is the significant iconic development across Singapore both small and big. They believe in providing quality control by Koh Brothers. The latest development is Van Holland Condo which is freehold real estate right in the heart of Holland Village.
  • Spreading out Plans for Koh Brothers: The primary motive of the Van Holland Koh Brothers is adding the quality in the construction area. Moreover, building area with better construction that gives the quality of the reviews. Koh Brothers focus on attaining the retention of customer satisfaction which builds the right plans.

The main focus to deliver the right and better quality of the construction projects so that people can relish the living style. The Changi Water plant is one of the world’s most massive constructions that are developed by Koh Brothers. They deliver the right quality of the projects.

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