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Notable Tips That You Can Try On Real Estate Photography

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Nowadays, photography of real estate is in-demand. At the market, you can find that the sale of houses is on and off each day. As such, each agent is fighting for the attention of the homebuyers using the best photos.

For starters, real estate photography can be complicated. But with the tips included below, you can produce beautiful photos consistently. With this, agents will keep hiring your services.

Take a Standard Shot List for Every Property

Two properties are not the same; however, there are typical shots that you must do. For example, you must have two wide-angle images of the kitchen, living room, and bedroom. Have a photo of the comfort room unless it’s spacious. The backyard must have one to three photos unless there are some unique features that you wanted to highlight. To showcase the appeal, have one to two shots of the front of the house. Thereafter, have one shot of each of the other parts of the house like the pantry, laundry room, and garage.

Even if there are distractions, you can have a point of reference which ensures that you capture the essential parts. This is important information which you can pass to the agent that you are working with. Thus, they will know what to expect from the output that you have.

In general, understanding what to cover is a helpful tip in determining how to photograph real estate properties.

Prepare Your Gear before the Shoot

It is frustrating to be in a shoot and find out that your equipment is not working. For example, if your battery is drained, then it can make the shoot impossible to happen. You may be an expert in taking photos. But if some of your items fail to work, then you can be in danger.

Thus, always take your battery and charger with you. If you have another camera, then you can bring it too. Charge your batteries, format the memory card, and fix your things.

Determine the address of the real estate so you can have enough travel time to get on the place.

Declutter the Property

Indeed, this is one of the most important tips in real estate photography. You need to communicate with the agent who is the bridge with the homeowners.

We sometimes get used to the clutter that builds in our home in the long run. However, those small bits of things that we don’t care might stand out in the shot.

Thus, see to it that the homeowners make their surfaces clean. This applies to coffee tables, countertops, desks, and others. When you try to shoot interiors, remember that closets are not supposed to be photographed. Unless the closets are customized or they are big. The closet can be a good spot to keep all the small items until the photo shoot comes to an end.

Sometimes, you will arrive at the property and see that there is clutter all around. This might not look good in the pictures. It’s not a big problem to ask the homeowner to do some cleaning before the photoshoot.

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