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Perfect Lamination Floor Cleaning for You

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Wash your laminate floor with hot water at least once a month. It has the advantage of leaving no trace. Dip a mop in a bucket filled with hot water and wring it out. Use a scrubbing brush and a slightly damp mop to scrub your laminate flooring. A mop is also suitable. Rinse your mop or mop regularly to moisten and clean it. Ventilate the room to dry the floor quickly. Otherwise, use a dry microfiber cloth to dry. With the RMR-86 the deals come perfect now.

Clean With White Vinegar

Vinegar is an alternative to hot water. Mix 60 ml of white vinegar and water in a one-liter spray. This preparation is ideal for removing dry mud, but also for cleaning a dull surface. Spray it on the surface to be treated before wiping with a sponge or soft cloth slightly wet. Do not let water stagnate too long on your laminate floor to prevent it from being deformed. Dry your floor with a microfiber cloth.

Wash With Mild Detergent

Pour hot water into a bucket to fill it halfway. Then add 2 tablespoons of uncoloured dishwashing liquid or the same amount of baby shampoo. Mix to lather the shampoo or liquid soap. Dip a sponge or mop and wring it out before rubbing your floor. This method is particularly effective in removing any mud or salt from your laminate floor.

Tips For Removing Difficult Stains

In case of blood stains on your floor, remove them as quickly as possible with a warm cloth and window cleaner. Prefer a microfiber cloth for its softness. To remove a chewing gum, use a plastic knife. Do not use a metal knife or you will scratch the floor. A soft cloth dipped in mineral spirits will allow you to easily remove residues. A slightly damp microfiber cloth is enough to clear your floor of any stain of wine, ink or soda. The same trick is effective for removing pencil markings. If you have spilled nail polish on your floor, use a soft cloth soaked in acetone remover. Be aware that the marks left by the heels are easily removed with a pencil eraser. It’s the same for scratches. For grease stains, freeze them by putting on a bag of ice. Then remove the hardened fat with a plastic knife. Finish the work with dishwashing liquid and a damp cloth. You need to make use of the siding cleaner there.

  • The varnish is a protective film for the parquet. It protects it from both wear and dirt. However, remember to regularly clean your floor to slow the process of deterioration of the varnish, while enhancing its appearance.

Far from being complicated, the maintenance of a vitrified floor is easy and fast. On a daily basis, use a broom or vacuum cleaner to dust it off. Clean it later with a clean, lint-free, damp cloth. Many stores offer cheap household products ideally suited to the de-clogging of a vitrified parquet. However, do not abuse chemicals as this may damage the protective film. Set aside aggressive, abrasive, silicone or ammonia detergents. Also avoid washing your floor with water.

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