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By increasing the maximum mortgage to make that one house that you have in mind just accessible. There are a number of useful tips, with which the mortgage can fall out higher. We put them in a row, so that you can check for yourself what is possible. Discuss the maximum mortgage, and certainly an increased mortgage, always with a mortgage advisor. In this way you prevent financial risks that can occur now or in the future. Look at the possibilities of an NHG mortgage and, for example, take into account the effect of a term life insurance policy. It is also worthwhile to look closely at the minimum fixed-rate period and the possibilities to finance a renovation. In order to know more about the mortgage broker in Vancouver BC, you can always take the help of the various web portals.

NHG mortgage with sharp interest

The NHG mortgage is still the best known and most popular choice to raise the maximum mortgage. Useful tips, which you do not have to do much for. Provide a mortgage below the NHG border, which now depends on the average price of homes in the Netherlands. Below that limit you qualify for such a mortgage. Through the National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG). Do you get a divorce or become unemployed and can you no longer pay the mortgage? Thanks to the guarantee no residual debt arises. That is nice for you, but also pleasant for the bank that provides the money.

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The various risks associated that must be taken into consideration

The risk for the bank is decreasing, giving you the chance to agree on lower interest rates. The NHG interest rate is generally equal to the lowest interest rate at the bank, without risk premium. That lower interest rate then ensures that you have the chance to increase the maximum mortgage. Due to the lower interest rates, the monthly payments are lower, which means you have the opportunity to borrow more. A handy tip, which ensures that with NHG you can just buy the property you have in mind.

Mortgage with a term life insurance policy

Of course there are more tips to increase the maximum mortgage. You can, for example, use a term life insurance policy. By combining that with the mortgage, lenders are sometimes willing to lend a higher amount. This has to do with the risk that they run, at the moment they provide you with the money.


Minimum fixed-rate period

Other banks offer you the option of choosing a longer fixed-rate period. For example, they offer you the possibility to take out a higher mortgage if you opt for a longer fixed-rate period. From 10 years fixed rate it is possible to achieve such benefits. And with a fixed-rate period of 15 years or 20 years, the chances are even greater that you will get the chance to borrow more.

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