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The Best Hbd Home Interior Design Renovation Ideas

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Now is the time to wake up your body’s sleeping artistic spirit and develop some great ideas. Get inspired to get the look you’ve always wanted for your apartment. Just get out of your comfort zone.

Let me share with you some startup renovation ideas that you might consider for this hdb interior design.

The open kitchen

It is modern kitchen design. You can notice the incredible lighting in the kitchen.

White was used here as the primary color.

You can just get this look in your kitchen if you and the home improvement company understand the concepts.

This design can be a bit expensive but worth the cost.

The corridor like a kitchen

You can make this design efficiently in your HBD apartment.

This can add a touch of class and luxury. The downside of this hdb interior design is that it is very difficult to make, and it depends on how your apartment is built.

hdb interior design

European country house style

This living room includes a beautifully tiled backsplash, sets of white sofas, and vintage light fixtures.

You will love the way the all white theme is spiced up by the details of this fireplace and the portrait! But instead of a fire, you can use the information of this feature for a personalized painting for your living room. The little gold accents really bring a European touch to the living space.

Always try to brighten up a dull space with an exceptional decorative feature. In the case of this living room, you can try adding some works of art.

Concrete-inspired floor

This designer balanced the raw concrete for the living room floor.

This concrete floor and this white ceiling panel transform the sets of sofas into decorative elements.

The wall at the entrance of the house has been polished by adding colored paint. This captures the attention of visitors.

It is an expensive apartment, but it can also be used as an excellent HDB inspiration for those who like concrete! The bright yellow of the kitchen board brings a modern touch to the duller colors of the vintage house.

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