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The Estate Sales Service That Accommodates You

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With the expertise of Linda and Andrew Adelson go Everything Goes, the metro Detroit has relied upon them because they are the specialists in on-site household liquidations and estate appraisals for over 30 years.

The Appraisals

Providing clients with a confidential appraisal of the property is a comprehensive service that Everything Goes Offer. The director of Everything Goes Andrew Adelson has more than thirty years of experience in appraising business and personal property. This appraisal includes:

  • The certificate of appraisal – is a comprehensive document labeling the value of your personal property.
  • The digital graphic inventory – a catalog of selective or complete that suits identified personal and/or business property.
  • The video appraisal – is a video inventory followed by a certificate of fair market value appraisal. This service is important in the outlet of insurance loss.

More About Everything Goes

The Estate Sales Service integrates creative merchandising techniques with high-tech support systems to ensure outstanding results. The company determine value, set-up, and staging before the sale, place advertisements and providing complete household sales management. Everything goes efficiently and promptly. You will receive a charitable contribution receipt, a certificate of appraisal, Sale Summary of all items sold, and a check. The company closely works with Attorneys, Individual Homeowners, Bank Trust Officers, Real Estate Agents & Brokers, Estate Administrators, Insurance Companies, Builders & Architects. The company is happy to answer questions and speak to potential clients directly or the team will also meet prospective clients at their homes for evaluation and walk them through the estate sale process with no consultation charge. The company also work on a referral basis with Brokers, attorneys, and Real Estate Agents. Everything Goes has the ability to provide the clients with a personalized classified certificate of appraisal which serves as a particularly important in the event of an insurance loss, or a charitable contribution. A charitable contributions and/or complete household contents removal can be also arranged.

The Pre-Demolition Household Sales

For individuals or companies who need to have their contents professionally sold, there is a complete structure liquidation available which means it is not just household and/or business furnishings but cabinetry, windows, architecture, heating and AC systems, lighting, landscaping, etc. the company conducts the sale and also oversee demolition of the remaining structure. A pre-demolition sale can frequently more than pay for the removal of the current structure. Everything Goes also administers business and store liquidation sales.

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