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Thermostats Ecobee: How to do Thermostats Installation and Replacement?

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Thermostats are a very important part of cooling or heating systems. It is a component that regulates and maintains the temperature of the coolant and provides a constant cooling of the engine. The built-in waxed motor tray when the temperature reaches a certain temperature, the thermostats will start to cool the temperature and take it to the required level. The wax granule expands when heated and closes the thermostats to open and allows the refrigerant to pass through the radiator.

Sometimes, thermostats ecobee due to a problem can remain open or closed, causing the motor to overheat or overheat. The most dangerous is overheating, which can seriously damage the engine. In such a situation the professional heating system can help, providing services to Denver companies. 

However, to replace the thermostat, you must carefully follow these steps:

  1. Before continuing, make sure that the motor has cooled down properly.
  1. Then, after draining the coolant from the radiator. To do this, you will have to open the radiator from the bottom in the left or right corner.
  1. Unscrew the radiator hose near the engine. Simply screw and screw into the thermostat housing with a screwdriver and pull it out.
  1. You will find 2 bolts attached to the thermostat housing that will block the motor. You just have to remove the screws and the case.
  1. The thermostat will open and you can now replace the thermostat.
  1. Using a new gasket, reinstall the thermostat housing. However, make sure that the old seal has been completely removed, otherwise the coolant could leak.
  1. Secure the coolant assembly firmly to the thermostat housing.
  1. Now re-tighten the bolts to the radiator and carefully fill the antifreeze and water in the radiator.
  1. Now keep the radiator cap off and start the engine for one minute at maximum temperature. Therefore, the refrigerant will circulate throughout the engine system, and this will eliminate the air pockets present in the coolant. This check will ensure that there is no overheating after the engine starts to function normally after replacing and reinstalling the new thermostat.
  1. Now install the radiator cap. Make sure there are no leaks and that the temperature sensor does not heat up and remain at the “C” level. “H” means “Hot” and the indicator is in the “H” position; repeat the refrigerant supply.


When you see that the coolant is hot and the machine becomes hot. Therefore, before hitting anything in the car, engine or thermostat, make sure the car has cooled down. Also be sure to protect your skin and eyes, and your hands are protected by gloves.

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