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VacuumPal – A deep insight

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Vacuumpal enables customers and consumers to get more details about the different vacuum cleaners available in the market. The website also showcases latest products and trends in the industry and has unbiased and genuine reviews of the latest vacuum cleaners launched. When you are concerned about keeping your home clean, you want to buy the best and most affordable product for yourself. Vacuumpal allows you to research for the best vacuum cleaner in the market that does not wear out in few months and guaranteed high performance and does its job very well. Vacuumpal not only reviews expensive products but also focuses on mid-range and low-range products of high quality. The reviews are completely true and original without any marketing jargon.

How do we rate the Vacuum cleaners –

Vacuumpal is the best review site for vacuums and here you will get information about anything and everything related to the vacuum cleaners. Our rating process includes checking following five features of a vacuum –

  • Suction efficiency and power

    This is the most important feature of a vacuum cleaner and should be considered and checked properly before buying a vacuum. If the best vacuum cleaner consumes high power then it is of no use. It is not only about the power, efficiency is all about the performance it gives the per watt usage of electricity.

  • Features

    A good vacuum cleaner must have an amazing list of features. It must come with a suitable number of accessories and also work on different surfaces very well. Some people prefer to use the vacuum cleaners for cleaning cars; stairs or couches and the cleaner must do his job well even in different scenarios. Also look out for features such as switching the rotating brush on and off, height adjustment etc.


  • Weight and dimensions

    Some people might not consider weight and size as a big matter. But if you are getting better performance even in compact size and less weight then it is always better. Compact and lightweight products are easy to use and store.

  • Accessories

    Check the details and reviews of the accessories that come with the vacuum. Make sure that the accessories are useful to you; just a long list of accessories is not of any use. All brands and manufacturers have different accessories and quality of accessories and one must check properly before buying. Most common accessories to look out for are the crevice tool, upholstery brush, hose, extra brush etc. Make sure you are not asked to pay separately for the accessories.

  • Price

    Make sure that the product is value for money and fits your budget.

  • Warranty

    Knowing the warranty of the product is important so that you can ask for a replacement in case the product does not turn out to be proper.

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