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With Weinor’s products, you can get awning solutions to your patio problems. The structure and design of a your Weinor Awnings patio will determine how you will set up your awning. A patio is basically an outdoor space paved with stones or concrete. It could adjoin your home, office, or any commercial building. The paving is done to ensure that your sandals don’t get dirty in them when you are enjoying the comfort of the patio.

Weinor AwningsThe significance of an awning to a building it is installed across is massive. Awnings are not installed across patios only. You can find the set up on windows, doors and decks. The most basic of awnings have a primary function which is to provide a shade solution for you and your property. How do they do this? Awnings prevent and filter sun rays falling on your property. They create a form of inhibition for these rays and prevent them from entering your building through your doors and windows. In the case of a patio or a deck, the awning provides shade across the region it covers. So, the awnings installed above doees and windows will help you reduce the cost of energy in your home by keeping the interior of your home cooler than the external temperature.

In the height of the Summer when the sun intensity is at its highest, having a patio set up won’t only provide you a shade solution, it will also ensure that you are protected from the damaging UV rays. The ultraviolet rays radiated from the sun comprises of some hramful rays that affect the human health generally. The best way to be safe from this damaging Ray is to avoid it. Patio awnings provide that solution for you.

With Weinor Awning, there are different models of awning you could want installed across your building. Whatever awning type you eventually opt to have installed, it can either be operated electrically or manually.

You will find out which awning model can be operated manually and which ones undergo electrical operation. This article will show you the type and models of patio roofs awnings that you can have installed.

Retractable Patio Awning

A popular awning model amongst its peers, retractable patio awning has appealing attributes that endears users to it. It possesses support arms that are attached laterally or diagonally. The support arms can either be operated manually or by electricity. When searching for a manually operated awning, expect to see just vertical support. The vertical support arms will be set against the wall to provide leverage.

A motorized awning doesn’t require that mush effort and stress. All you need to do is push a button on the switch or the remote control. Retractable awnings with ergonomic designs will make you feel at home while outdoors. The metal framework in both sides could be fitted with devices that help with the regulation of temperature.

Canopy Patio Awning

This is the type of awning to be installed permanently. A canopy patio awning provides shade around the area it is installed. It last for a really long time and you can cahnge the awning fabric if it is subject to wear and tear. You can’t regulate the temperature and retract the awning fabric so it might fray faster than its contemporaries.

Portable shade canopy

Like the canopy patio awning, it can be installed quite easily. Unlike the canopy awning however, the installation isn’t temporary. You can dismantle the structure as easily as you set it up.

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