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What Kinds of Knife Sharpener to Choose for Kitchen?

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No matter whether you are shopping for your house kitchen or your commercial kitchen, to know the right knife sharpener can help to determine if the knife collection lasts for a year or many years. Besides, suppose you will invest your money in building the knife collection, then you owe this to yourself and learn more about keeping it sharp. Here is the quick guide on difference between the knife sharpeners – which includes when you must be honing than sharpening. For more information you can visit smalldiner.com and look at the wide range of blogs that will give you right information about choosing the right knife.

What is Honing & Sharpening?

There’re 2 primary ways of getting the better edge on the knife: honing & sharpening. In many cases, you will just hone your blade and not sharpen it.

  • Honing is realigning blade; that is taking a sharp knife & straightening its edge.
  • Sharpening will be grinding down the blade metal to create the new edge. More you will sharpen the blade, faster it wears out, the metal will wear away.

There are four different kinds of the honing rods or sharpeners: sharpening stones, sharpening steels, electric knife sharpeners and manual knife sharpeners. 


Sharpening Stones

Referred as whetstones, the sharpening stones are good for sharpening dull knives. Knife’s blade edge must be perpendicular to the strokes, but should be put against stone at various angles to bring this blade to the new layer of the metal. The sharpening stones are good for sharpening odd blades, such as razors or scissors.

One good way of sharpening scissors is cutting through some squares of fine grit (or finishing) sandpaper. Treat this technique in a same way you will do with sharpening stone, just by going through some levels of coarseness to get severe or dull jobs. 

Sharpening Steels

It is very important to see that the sharpening steels are honing rods. Industry term is the sharpening steel; however, this is just the misnomer for what’s actually the tool that can be used for honing the knife blades. Sharpening steels are mainly used by the Chefs before & after they use the knives. They will help to hone their knives blade and give its perfect edge between the cuts. Main difference in this kind of the sharpening steel is cut type & blade shape.

Electric Knife Sharpeners

These sharpeners will add convenience while it comes about knife sharpening, however, some might say that they do not allow for much control like other manual ways and are not actually designed for the portable use.

Manual Knife Sharpeners

These sharpeners provide the simple way of getting the blades sharp, however, at the lower price point compared to the electric counterpart. The manual knife sharpeners actually are good for traveling Chefs since they are simple to pack up & carry.

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