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What Makes RenovatePlans The Most Sought-After Granny Flat Planner And Designer

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RenovatePlans is a robust and quickly growing team of talented designers who value each of our clients and is ready to listen to your requirements and customize best granny flat plans to give you unique and innovate results. We are specialists at what we and we endeavor to exceed customer expectations. Our team has a wealth of experience and industry commitment. Working with us will see you get unique and personalized places for you to live a better, evocative, and exultant life.

We Never Compromise On Speed

Our team of expert builders will project and tackle every project with utmost care. The fact that we work with diligent and motivated designers means that whenever you trust us with your granny flat designing projects, you won’t have to wait for months to get the project completed.  We operate at the best speed and will make sure that we get your project completed in a matter of days.

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We Will Deal With The Council and Certifiers On Your Behalf

Dealing with granny flat certifiers and council has proven one of the most complicated jobs ever.  Most DIY granny flat builders end up leaving their work uncompleted due to the excess pressure exerted on them by private certifiers and the council. RenovatePlans have a strong mutual relationship and respect with almost all Private Certifiers and Council in Sydney. So, we will be in a better position to proficiently discuss matters out with the council and private certifiers to get your granny flat erected as soon as possible.

We Don’t Compromise On Warranty Agreements And Fees

When working with RenovatePlans, you should never worry about fees creeping up. We always pride in doing what is required of us without forcing you to overpay for the same. The most interesting thing is that we won’t charge you extra fees for any amendments the council requests to be done. As well, we always make sure we stick to our promises on warranty terms and conditions. If you happen to get a problem with the granny flat plans and designs we just completed for you, all you need is to reach us out and we will discuss on a reasonable way out. You shouldn’t fear about being charged extra since we won’t charge as long as the repairs are covered by our warranty policies.

We Offer Fair Pricing

Many potential granny flat designs can’t differentiate between cheap and affordable granny flat designs and building services. So many customers end up getting duped because they always believe cheap granny flat builders are the best. What they don’t know is that most granny flat builders who claim to be cheap end up charging more at the end or deliver substandard services. We at RenovatePlans don’t boast to be the cheapest granny flat builders but will handle your granny flat building project excellently and speedily without overpricing you on the same. So, when you are working with us to erect an outstanding granny flat in your home or workplace, you should not worry about pricing as we will already have taken good care of that.

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