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What You Need to Know about Qualified Arborists

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An arborist is also known as a tree surgeon. Less frequently he is also known as the arboriculturist. This professional is tasked in the cultivation, management, and a professional study of trees, shrubs, perennial plants, and vines. They are focused on ensuring the health and safety of trees and plants instead of taking care of forests. That’s why they are differentfrom foresters.

The Roles of an Arborist                                             

Every home or establishment in an urban area requires qualified arborists providing tree work & tree consultancy services. This is because all trees in these areas are often subject to multiple disturbances. They can be human or natural and both above and below the ground. At times they need caring for the to survive any biotic and abiotic elements. Some of the solutions that an arborist can provide are the following: pruning trees for health, safety, and aesthetic purposes, for people to be allowed to walk underneath the trees, to keep the trees away from wires, buildings, and fences in a procedure that is known as “crown reduction.” Methods used and the timing all depend on the kinds of trees and the purpose of the job. To be able to practice well in this profession, it is necessary to have ample information on the environment and the local species found in the area.

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Services of an Arborist

There are many Melbourne arborists that you can find; but before you decide to hire one, you have to be sure you know what services these professionals can offer. The following are some of their most basic services:

Tree Removal

This is the last resort; however, there are instances when this is truly necessary. It is only an arborist who can decide whether a particular tree can be removed.

Plant Health Care

Preventive maintenance enables trees to stay in good health. This can be done by reducing diseases, site concerns, and harmful insects.


An arborist will be able to determine the kind of pruning that is appropriate for the maintenance and improvement of the health, the look, and the safety of trees.


There are some arborists who plant trees. Most of them can recommend a specific species that is appropriate for a particular location.

Emergency Tree Care

An arborist will be able to help in safely performing emergency tree care and reducing any possible damage to the property at hand.

Many Other Services

These firms also provide consulting services on cabling, tree risk assessment, bracing trees, and others.

Some Quick Facts about the Arborist

A professional arborist must be certified by any of the international, national, or local professional organizations. It is a must for you to ask about insurance certificates. This includes proof of liability for property and personal damage while at work and also worker’s compensation. It is also important for you to ask for a contract that is specific for the work to be done. It’s not all tree care companies that employ professional arborists. It’s crucial for you to always ask for credentials. If you want to find an arborist, you can start by visiting the Urban and Community Forestry site.

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