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Why Invest in Luxury Villas in Barcelona?

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Barcelona is one of the most touristic cities in Spain, if not in the whole of Europe. In 2018, 82million tourists visited the Catalan capital. Today, this wonderful destination has more and more international investors in luxury real estate. Even if the most sought-after neighborhoods like Paseo de Gracia and Sarria Sant Gervasiare mainly home tohigh standing apartments, you can still purchase prestigious villas in some part of the town and its surroundings. The best areas where you are more likely to find a villa for sale Barcelona are Castelldefels, Sitges and Gava. Butis that an interesting and sound investment?

The Advantages of Investing in Barcelona Luxury Villas

While the economic crisis has deeply affected this sector and that apartments have lost 40% of their value, the real estate market in Barcelona has been rebalanced since then and villas are still in demand. Moreover, the Spanish economy ismore and more stabilizing according to many indicators of economic growth. That will obviously lead toreal estate price stability for the coming months.Of course, this also applies to the luxury villas for sale near Barcelona. In other words, luxruy houses for sell in Barcelona and its surroundings are generally more affordable compared to those of otherEuropean big cities.

Why Purchase a Villa in Barcelona instead of a Flat?

It is true that apartments are way more popular in Barcelona than luxury villas. First of all, there are fewer detached houses in the Catalan Capital. If you want to buy one, you are likely to choose an area which less requested by most investors. Although, it remains a very safe investment and can bring you many benefits. In general, the rental demand for prestigious Barcelonavillas comes from well-to-do families. They pay more attention to the maintenance of the house and are more attentive to regular rental payments.

Very often, tenants of Barcelona luxury villas stay about 3 times longer than tenantsof apartmentsand studios (80 months against 30 months on average). Thus, investing in villas generates less relocation expenses in the event of the tenant’s departure. It also reduces the risk of vacancy between two rentals.Moreover, a luxurious villa is an individual dwelling, unlike an apartment or a studiowhichis part of the collective housing category. It does not have common parts and therefore generates less expenses of co-ownership thanks to the absence of elevator.

Finally, villas for sale in and near Barcelona are less exposed to fluctuations in the local real estate market and therefore have more stable values ​​compared to collective dwellings. This allows you to limit the potential losses, and thus to grow your money without incurring any risk of losing your investment.

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