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Why the Cooling Process is Important while Storing

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It is very important to cool the must as soon as possible after cooking. The reason is simple, the hotter the must, the greater the risk of infection by micro-organisms. Have you ever tasted an infected beer? I had the opportunity to do it and I can tell you that I rarely drank something so bad (during a brewing class, it was not mine, I want to clarify). To avoid this, cooling the must quickly is as important as thoroughly disinfecting all instruments used for brewing. For storing, buy the best kegerator.

The 5 cooling techniques that you must follow:

  1. Natural cooling

This is the simplest technique but also the riskiest at the level of infection. Everything is there except the word “quickly”.

Natural cooling consists in placing your must in your fermentation tank after cooking and waiting for the must to cool down. This is the technique I used when I started and I never had a problem with infection. But the risk is present.

If you really want to reduce the risk of infection, it is better to use one of the following techniques. Cool your beer in the kegerators from Household Professor.

  1. Cooling by Adding Cold Water

Another technique is to brew using less water than the total desired. Your must makes for example 15 liters while your calculations were made for 20 liters. The must is too concentrated. You will add 5 liters of cold water to cool the must and at the same time to reach the desired quantity.

Small advice nevertheless: first place the cold water in the fermentation tank and let the hot must flow there gradually. Never start with hot: depending on the materials used for your fermentation tank, starting with the hot and adding cold can cause damage to the tank. For the same reason, you never put a hot pan under a jet of ice water, though?

  1. Cooling by immersion of the tank

The technique is very simple: just place the tank in a bath of cold water to cool and cool the must that is inside.

How is it actually done? Place your tank in a large bowl. Place ice and water all around. The ice will necessarily melt taking the heat of your must. The latter will gradually cool by exchanging heat with the surrounding water.

  1. Cooling with a Submerged Cooler

With this technique we come up with really effective ways to cool the must quickly.A submerged cooler is composed of a metal pipe (usually copper) which is in the form of a “coil” which will be immersed in the must to be cooled. Let me explain: the water enters through one side of the pipe; the pipe goes down to the must and will have a path in the form of circles superimposed on each other. The larger the number of circles, the faster the cooler will cool the must. Once you reach the last circle, the pipe rises to the surface and is evacuated.The cooling is done by heat exchange between the must and the cold water that passes through the pipes. Log on to householdprof.com to buy your kegerator.

The advantage of this technique is that it is very effective and a cooler of this type is quite easy to make yourself even if you are a minimum handyman.

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