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Your Guide to Organising Open Shelving

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If you are looking to create more storage space in your home, you should consider custom-made shelving and cabinets. A limited space is not an excuse to put more shelving. In fact, it can make a difference at the end of the day. Shelving is fun because it will reflect your style, character and personal taste.

Open custom shelving is an easy and inexpensive way to add elegance to any space. With the right one, your wares, books, and other things will look neat and tidy. It is a matter of organising it right. Here are some organising tips that you can consider:

Determine the size and height of the shelves

Aside from the aesthetic beauty of shelves, it can also create an illusion of a larger space. For example, high custom-made shelves can create an illusion of higher ceiling, which typically makes the room appeal a lot bigger. By determining the right size and height, you can plan accordingly. If you are not sure how much space you will need, try adjustable shelving so you can easily rearrange when the time comes.

Put the same things together

Putting the same things together is an efficient way to organise your things. It is important that you put the same things together because it will be easier to look for it when you need it. If you do not put the same things together, there is a tendency that it will get messy when it is time to find things.

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Let the person who uses the space most organise 

Organising is a daunting task but if the person who uses the space most does it, it will be interesting and more efficient. For example, those who are interested in cooking should organise kitchen shelves. Those who are interested in music and movie should organise the records. Those who are interested in literary works should organise the bookshelves. This will turn out to be a fun activity at the end of the day.

Put labels  

Putting labels is particularly functional when you are organising the kitchen. This will avoid the inconvenience and confusion. It is crucial that you get the right product when cooking. When making labels, make sure that it is readable and facing in front you can grab the right product.

Invest in good containers

Cereals and other things should be secured in a container. Do not let it stay in the box. For this, you need good containers, not bulky canisters. Look for containers that complement your shelving and make sure that it is not too bulky to maximise more space. Remember that ordinary items put inside glass jars make an interesting sight.

Heavy items should be on the lower shelves

For heavy items or appliances like blender, mixer, cooker or coffee maker, you should assign them on the lower shelves. These things are often used and by putting them on the lower shelves, you can easily access it.

Organising is different from cleaning. Do not forget to clean these shelves to maintain its beauty. Many people avoid cleaning it because it means taking all things out and putting it back again.

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